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Twitter 101 – How to Tweet to share Max’s message

If you currently have a twitter account but don’t really ‘get it’ then here’s what to do…. (if you don’t have one, and fancy it then now is the time to learn whilst you’ve a purpose to doing it).

Follow @Maxipotential and @SazBaileyUK

  • ? (favourite) and Retweet anything you want to from these handles.
  • If someone Retweets your Retweet, acknowledge it and get another tweet yourself by ? (favouriting) it.
  • If you have specific peeps you want to see your tweet then you need to @theirname them. (We’ll be doing some targeted tweeting to get some top celebs on board so will use this then – that’s going to be a whole load of fun. ?
  • When they retweet, ? (favourite) that tweet. Then retweet their retweet as it will have their @handle in the text and have more clout.
  • Include the hashtags #‎scolisis#‎teammax#‎maxipotential and also #‎passioneering if it’s from @SazBaileyUK.
  • Follow anyone else who interests you to grow your own following. They will likely follow you back – if not, no problem.

If you have an interest that you want to share then create your own tweets and do all of the above to grow your own following.

Twitter is fast and fleeting. Things disappear into the twittersphere almost immediately. Tweet the same thing about 4/5 times evenly through the day.

I know it’s all a bit confusing so just come back to this post and go through it like a tick list!

I’ll post again with some more advanced stuff for hardcore tweeters!!