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Fixing Max

The solution: Get Max to America on January 16th

For 3 weeks of intense therapy with follow-up aftercare. Then bring their expertise back here the UK, for Max and many more scoliosis sufferers.

Max’s scoliosis is diagnosed as idiopathic, meaning – cause not known or spontaneous. This is the generally accepted norm in the UK together with a prognosis of likely progression until surgery is required. Without a root cause we can only treat the symptoms. That’s a poor solution that I’m not accepting for Max.

Max is acceptedly a complicated case encompassing genetics, neurology, medical and physical aspects. It is for that reason I have been asking for a multi-disciplinary meeting with Max’s specialist consultants for nearly five years. The drive and resource isn’t there for a SWAN (Syndrome Without A Name). There are no tick boxes against which paediatric consultants can allocate.

Max’s scenario aside, scoliosis is unique to the individual. Max and every other suffer need a comprehensive investigation and diagnosis in order to define and treat the root cause. The spine is bending and twisting for a reason.

America has dedicated multi-disciplinary scoliosis centres where their mission is to exhaust non-surgical treatment options. Importantly for Max, they address physical, neurological and genetic influences. If ultimately he does require surgery it will be on a straighter spine, with less invasive surgery, providing a far better outcome for life.

I shall be taking Max to Scoliosis Academy to work with Dr Matt and Jocelyn of Jazen and Jazen.

A programme will address some critical success influencers for Max:

  • The centre is expert in genetics and neurology and will explore if it is possible that nutrition can bypass the receptor gene that Max is missing.
  • Preserving and improving heart and lunch function immediately is critical as Max is at the age when optimal capacity is reached.
  • Using his imminent major growth spurt will not only prevent it from worsening condition but can actually work to help the spine to straighten and stay straighter, and stronger.
  • Global Delayed Development, low tone and learning difficulties means that Max needs passive therapies where work is done ‘to’ him and ‘with’ him.
  • Adapted seating positions in his wheelchair, school seating, and car seat.

Their care programme will encompass the following:


Nerve tension:
While a child spinal bones are growing the tightness of the spinal cord can cause the vertebrae to coil down like a spring that has a string running through it. This is called Uncoupled Neuro-Osseous Development and is likely to become known as the most common cause of adolescent scoliosis.

Structural or bio-mechanical:
Preventing bone deformity from happening over the long term, and assisting the body to operate in a functionally correct and integrated way.

Connection of the brain to the muscle.


Root cause:
Genetic and physical investigation and bespoke treatment plan

Using the Eckard table and traction chair to gain suppleness and flexibility. Balancing out the competing factors that prevent the curve from reducing and then holding.

3-dimensional exercise of only the muscle needing strengthening. Creating conscious and subconscious change to support the spine in a corrective position.

Fighting gravity:
3D brace: 3-dimensional bracing that fights the driving force of gravity and assists in equalising then retaining the strength of ligaments along both sides of the spine.
Night time brace: A second, more hyper-corrective brace worn whilst there is less pressure on the spine can hold it in place so it naturally elongates and straightens by up to 33%.


  • Eckart table and traction chair
  • Chiropractic and biomechanics
  • Osteopathy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Day and nighttime bracing
  • Bespoke care programme that continues for life

When it comes to scoliosis care, the best treatment is not just one, but a collection of therapies. When you couple the therapies together into a complete programme, you have the tools to manage scoliosis for life.

– Janzen & Janzen