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Facebook 101 – How to use Facebook to share Max’s message

So the thing about social media is that you get social about it.

Facebook uses an algorithm to decide what exposure to give a post. That algorithm is based on ENGAGEMENT. The more interactions a post gets the more perceived relevance and value to that audience and the more Facebook gives it exposure. That’s how something mushrooms into viral sharing.

It all starts with you. If you’re really on board TEAM MAX it’s not enough to view a post (which I can see most of you do – thank you!!) – you need to LIKE it, COMMENT on it, and SHARE it.


  1. Team Max Facebook Group – I’ve made it a public group so peeps can see and get involved if they want to. 
  2. Maxipotential Facebook Page: That’s the Facebook Page where I’m sharing his story. 
  3. My Personal Profile: Some posts will be on my own timeline.

PLEASE be active, join in the fun and do the easy things to share the message. ….. COME ON TEAM MAX!!! 

I failed to also explain – If you actually LIKE a page and then don’t interact with it, Facebook equates that to low engagement and therefore how much exposure they then give you. So don’t go around Liking pages as favours to peeps. And for Maxipotential just make sure you like, share, put a smiley face in the comments box – just interact with the page.