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Competition Terms and Conditions for Yacht Charter

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This agreement is between us ‘Maxipotential’, and you the ‘client’. It details the prize and the booking and provisioning instructions with our supplier WhiteStar Charter:

01) By entering this competition, the client agrees to these terms and conditions.

02) In order to comply with gaming Law, the client must answer the questions and submit an email address by which Maxipotential will be able to notify you of the result. The answers do not need to be correct in order for a submission to be valid.

03) Entrants are not legally required to make a donation in order to enter. We do however remind that the purpose of this high profile draw is to raise funds for a child’s critical medical interventions not available here in the UK. The draw event will be covered by social and mainstream media. We suggest a minimum donation of £25 for a prize value of up to £25,000. There is no cap on what Maxipotential can receive, so please donate more if you can.

04) The draw will take place as soon as 1000 paid entries of any amount have been made. A single entry is based on the email address submitted with a donation, not on the amount donated. So, a donation of £25 or £200 by one email address is one entry.

05) The odds of winning shall remain at 1000 to 1. A single email address may not be used for multiple entries to increase what are already amazing odds. Where duplicate emails are found, a single submission will be valid. If the client wishes to increase their odds of winning, they should draw up an agreement amongst friends to enter up to a total of 11 available places on the charter.

06) Maxipotential will make a single draw that secures the whole charter. The winner will be drawn live via the Maxipotential Facebook page. This will be followed by direct communication through the contact details the client provides on entry.

07) The prize is for the chartering of Lady Tatiana or Alhena for the period specified, plus the 4 crew – comprising of the captain, the chef, the Stewardess and the first mate/deckhand – and moorings in the home port of Palma. It does not include  any moorings outside the home port of Palma. Flights and transfers are not included in the prize.

08) The prize spending budget of £4,000 is allocated to ensure you have a great all-round experience. It is allocated with estimates of approximately £2,000 for lovely food and soft drinks, £1,500 fuel for approx 6 hours of cruising, £250 for sundries, and £250 for utility charges of water and electricity. This budget is not intended to provide alcohol or overtly expensive food choices. As Maxipotential cannot know individual tastes and requirements, White Star Chater will liaise with the client prior to the charter to arrange an Advanced Provisioning Allowance – see item 13. 

09) In light of the current Covid-19 climate we are extending the time this charter must be taken from 12 months to 18 months of the prize draw date. It can be taken at any time of the year, with dates provisioned on a first-come, first-serve basis. The 3 day charter may be weekday or weekend, starting at either 11am on a Tuesday to finish at 6pm on the Thursday of the same week, or 11am on a Friday to finish at 6pm on the Sunday.

10) The clients will be asked to complete a ‘preference sheet’ and need to provide all the names, addresses and passport details of the guests on the preference sheets. The guests will need to have their passports with them during the charter in case the Guardia (Spanish Maritime police) wish to see them.

11) Fuel used during the charter will be charged at 220 litres per hour at a cruising speed of approximately 1000 RPM on the engines. Day trips in the bay will be charged at around £350 per day cruising from the marina to a single point in the bay of Palma and back to the marina.

12) Our yachts are luxurious yachts licensed for up to 11 guests sleeping on board in 5 dedicated en-suite guest cabins, plus 4 crew. The maximum number of guests permitted to cruise or sleep on the yachts is 11. 

13) An Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) would need to be calculated and paid to White Star Charter three months before the charter. The APA is the estimated sum of all the costs for the charter such as food, drinks and fuel etc. This estimate is calculated by the charterer completing a provisioning list, which is a list asking a number of questions, such as what the client would like to eat or drink. The Captain will also speak to the client to ascertain what cruising they would like to do, and estimate the cost of fuel as appropriate. The APA sum would be on board the yacht prior to the guest arriving and would be used by the captain for the costs of the charter. At the end of the charter, the Captain would provide a breakdown for all the costs and return any unused funds to the Client.

14) A standard security deposit of £3,500 will be required (£319 per guest). Maxipotential will share the risk on this deposit by paying 50% on your behalf, minimising the client risk to £1,750. The client would, therefore, need to pay a security deposit fund of £1,750 (£159 per guest at full occupancy) into our bank account one month before the charter. These funds will be returned to the client at the end of the charter provided they are not required for, for example, damage to the yacht, etc. Any such charges raised will be paid first by the client up to the amount (and not to exceed the amount) of £1,750. Any charges over the amount of £1,750 will be paid out of the remaining security deposit provided by Maxipotential, not to exceed the full £3,500 total security deposit.

15) Upon notification of winning this charter, all booking, provisioning (APA), security deposit, and customer service communications and transactions will be between the client and WhiteStar Charter. Maxipotential are not responsible or liable for any material, financial, or emotional occurrences as a result of this charter.

16) It is WhiteStar charters discretion as to which of the two yachts will be chartered for the client booking.

17) The client gives permission for Maxipotential to share contact details such as email, and telephone number with WhiteStar Charter for the sole purpose of fulfilling the charter.

18) The Client gives permission for Maxipotential to share the story and events in visual and written format on social media and other digital and print, for the purpose of continued promotion and updating Maxipotential followers on his support and fundraising and treatment successes.

19) The client gives permission for Maxipotential to communicate updates, promotions, and scoliosis awareness with them via the email provided to enter the draw. The client may unsubscribe from these communications at any time.

20) White Star Charter standard terms and conditions will apply and are available upon request. Where there is a discrepancy between these conditions and the conditions in their brochure, the items logged in the brochure will take priority.

21) Information is accurate at the time of provision but White Star Charter management reserve the right to make necessary changes which may not be reflected here at the time this offer is presented to you, and any such changes will apply.

Please note that it is customary to tip the crew (provided of course you are happy with the service) but this is not obligatory and ranges from 15% of the standard charter fee upwards. The standard charter fees can be found in the White Star Charter website.


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