we urgently need your help


Would you like to fundraise with us? We would love you to get involved.

Time is our enemy. We need as many people as possible to join us in creating awareness, participating in events and raising money – fast.

We really do appreciate every little effort to help us move towards our goal. You can organise your own event and donate the monies raised through our donation page (link it) or your can create your own JustGiving (link) page to collect your sponsors and donations. If you would like some support to run an event you can submit and idea for someone on Team Max pick up and help you with. Submit your own idea here: (insert contact form lozenge)

Let us know what you would like to do and if you need some help. If you’re happy to run with something it will help us to publicise the event for you if you provide the following information: Images or web links to help promote the event A small statement telling us why you wish to get involved General information on the event; who’s involved, organisers contact details and exactly what, where and when the event is happening.

If you would like a chat about it then contact me (link to page) – my door is open!